What is Power Flushing and how can it help your system?



A power flush is a chemical solution that cleanses your central heating system and can remove any elements like rust, sludge or debris inside of  the pipes, that may be causing your central heating to not be working as efficiently as it could.  Blockages in the pipes can slow down the transfer of heat which causes pipe, valve and heating control server damage, as well as not allowing the proper heating of the radiators.

Power-flushing is the most effective way to flush out heating systems and remove any build up and sludge in the system, allowing it to perform to its optimum ability.

Power-flushing the system can cure flow and circulation problems, restores system efficiency and heat output to radiators, prevent a noisy system which can be caused by accumulations of sludge and thoroughly cleans the system.

We spend a considerable amount of time to ensure the system is thoroughly cleaned as to ensure it works at its highest efficiency.


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