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We are still able to assist currently with emergency Plumbing or Heating issues. Please see our call-out procedure detailed below that reflect changes made due to the pandemic.

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Our Call-out Procedure:

We will try as much as is possible, to give customers advice and guidance via FaceTime, WhatsApp or any other video/ media link available to us. This will help to eliminate unnecessary visits to customers and therefore helping to keep you and our staff as safe as we can. This video-link service is a free advice service that we offer to customers currently, regardless of whether you are a new or existing customer.


If we deem it a necessity to visit a customer to resolve an emergency issue, then at the present moment, we’re able to provide this because we have engineers and plumbers available on call. However, please be aware that if these members of staff develop any of the symptoms of COVID-19, then they will be self-isolating. Therefore, we could be short-staffed and not able to fulfil emergency demand easily. If we deem it a necessity to visit you to resolve an issue, then there will be a charge for this.


Please see our Call-out Procedure change below, if we are required to enter your property:


  1. The engineer/ plumber will have your phone number and they will call you to let you know they have arrived or if necessary, will knock on your door.


  1. Please ensure you give precise instructions to the engineer/ plumber on the phone or at the door (ensuring a 2m distance between you, if at the door).


  1. If you’re able to open your door and isolate yourself, preferably in another room, then please do so. If this is not possible, then please could we insist that you remain at the very least 2m away from the engineer/ plumber at all times.


  1. Our engineers/ plumbers will be wearing a pair of gloves (new gloves will be worn at each job) and a mask at all times whilst in your property. This will be to help protect you and them.


We will remind you of this procedure prior to the work being carried out. We can also go through any queries you have before the engineer/ plumber arrives. This will be relayed, accordingly to the member of staff attending the emergency call-out.


We are currently trading but please be advised this could change at any time. We’re sure you can appreciate that the steps we have put in above is to reduce the chances of catching the virus. It’s as much to protect our customers as it is to protect our engineers and plumbers.


We understand this is an uncertain time for everyone and we will do all we can to help those that need an emergency gas engineer or plumber. We are all in this together and must all try our best to keep to the Government’s and NHS Advice for beating this outbreak.


The Waterworx Team